The technology behind has been providing a systemized gateway to all of Canada's Provincial and Territorial Personal Property Registries since 2002. We revolutionized the industry by replacing the entrenched service providers, who at the time relied upon the manual data re-entry of Lien searches, requests, amendments, renewals and discharges.

We have, often in concert with the registries themselves, created a system where filings are completely automated, often reducing turn around times from hours to mere seconds.

Today, the vast majority of service requests to the provincial PPSA Registries are submitted via systems developed by the Registries Direct team.

Now, for the first time, your business can benefit from the same technology and tools that Canada's major financial institutions all utilize to their advantage.

Registries Direct provides your business:

  • Access to every Provincial and Territorial PPSA Registry
  • Real time, system to system registration of your lien filings.
  • Removal of error-prone, human data entry
  • Complete audit ability on each step of every process

System to System

Many of our customers have implemented a system to system solution with us. Though this is by no means required it does afford some significant advantages.

  • Liens can be requested directly from your own system, without any data re-entry (which is costly in both time, and errors.)
  • Efficiencies are magnified by enabling system to system validation and turn around times which could not be matched by any manual methods
  • Immediate confirmation to your internal systems of lien submission, tracking numbers, and status